On Friday, December 2nd, government decision makers, transportation construction and design leaders and infrastructure investment professionals will share the stage to explore new solutions to design, develop and fund New York State's transportation projects. Topics include: Infrastructure Banks, Alternative Financing Mechanisms and Public Private Partnership models.

Where will the money come from?

New York State’s 2011-2012 Enacted Budget projects a capital spend of $8.6 billion annually over the next five years for all capital and economic development programs, with 48% allocated to transportation projects.

But we need more!

The New York State Department of Transportation cautioned four years ago that it would need $175 billion over 20 years to pay for road and bridge capital improvements, but existing revenue streams total just $75 billion.

More debt piled upon additional refinanced debt can no longer be used to paper over the problem. With banking resources high and government budgets slashed, there's a
new paradigm to explore. This forum is designed to create an effective dialogue between private and public transportation, financial and public policy decision makers.

New Paradigms:

Infrastructure Financing & Alternative Delivery
Select transportation decision makers from the public and private sector as well as financial professionals active in infrastructure financing will examine current and potential options for creating a new paradigm to develop, build and maintain New York’s transportation systems.

Procurement, Compliance & MWDBE Inclusion
The procurement paradigm for transportation projects in New York State is more inclusive now than ever before. Public policy is opening doors wider for Small Businesses and MWDBE firms. Sharing the work and revenue, MWDBE contractors are now participating in projects that were traditionally awarded to larger firms. Leading public sector professionals share success stories, lessons learned and best practices for MWDBE inclusion in the transportation sector.

This forum is intended to bridge the divide between construction, investment and government and public policy decision makers. The collective goal is to develop a new solutions agenda for the transportation industry.